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Mile by Mile

Start - Mile 1 We start next to Coachman Park, heading north and then east up a gentle 25 foot hill, turning south on Osceola Avenue past Clearwater City Hall to the Pinellas County Courthouse, west onto the approach to the majestic Clearwater Memorial Bridge, which rises to 74' over the water, providing a breath-taking view of Clearwater Beach in front of you and the Intracoastal Waterway on either side.
2 - 4
You will run down the Clearwater Memorial Bridge onto the manicured Clearwater Causeway past Island Estates and onto Clearwater Beach, around the circle and south onto Gulfview Way, along the award-winning public beach to Clearwater Pass Bridge, and south on Gulf Boulevard.
5 - 8
The course turns into Sand Key Park to pick up some needed mileage, running along the access road into the main parking lot for the public beaches. After exiting Sand Key Park, you will turn south back onto Gulf Boulevard for about a mile or so through the condo canyons of Sand Key, before the turn-around point near the Belleair Beach City Limits
9 - 13
Since the race is essentially an out-and-back course, you will return to the finish line north along Gulf Boulevard, back over the Clearwater Pass Bridge, back along Gulfview Boulevard, around the circle and back onto Clearwater Causeway. However, this time, you will run on the south side of the causeway along a paved trail away from the vehicular traffic. Your final challenge will be the ascent up Clearwater Memorial Bridge, running down the opposite side to the "double-helix" ramp leading to Clearwater's waterfront.
Finish The stretch to the finish line is along the Intracoastal Waterway back to Coachman Park, where your finisher's medal awaits you, along with cheering spectators and plenty of food and beverage. Congratulations!

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